Humboldt Piano Studio Policy


Humboldt Piano Studio provides an exceptional standard of teaching, including artistic example, dedication, customization, cheerfulness, patience, energy and 35 years of teaching experience.  To make the studio experience the best possible, the following policies and procedures will be implemented 9/1/19


Regular attendance is expected and encouraged to gain maximum benefit from music instruction. Commitment to this activity should be given priority during your scheduled time.  Please provide as much notice as possible if you know you will miss a lesson.


Students pay a simple, flat-rate annual tuition split into 10 monthly payments. Your tuition fee reserves an exclusive weekly lesson time on the teacher’s schedule and includes the following:

· 35 weekly Lessons plus flex week plus 3 extra/makeup group classes

· All Music and Materials

· Subscription to Piano Maestro, Sprout Beat and studio license fees for new and exciting music.

· Access to Humboldt Piano Studio’s extensive music library and technology resources


I am offering this innovative and unique program to my new and returning students as a lower cost option. Students will spend 20 minutes one-on-one with me, then 20 minutes doing theory work either on the iPad or written and 20 minutes under headphones on the Clavinova doing guided practice, rhythm and technic exercises and Composition/Orchestration work. Students will be closely supervised but need to be able to work independently. This program works best for students with 0 – 3 years of lessons and ages 7 and up, who don’t always have much time to practice at home. Parents are encouraged not to stay for the hour due to space limitations and distractions. Note: Class times are not as flexible as private lessons.

TUITION FEES (September through June)

20/20/20 lessons 1 hour instruction | 10 monthly payments of $75.00

30 min private lessons | 10 monthly payments of $90.00

45 min private lessons | 10 monthly payments of $135.00

Tuition will be billed by the 25th of the preceding month and is due on the 1st. We now accept electronic payments as well as check or cash. Please note: The studio operates with a full roster. If a student wishes to take a break from lessons, they do so with the understanding that I cannot hold their spot in the studio schedule.


Tuition is based on 35 private lessons, plus one flex week (in case of teacher absence) plus 3 performance/theory classes throughout the year. These extra classes are offered in lieu of make up lessons. When students miss a scheduled lesson, they simply miss the benefit of that lesson. If your child is running a fever or contagious, you can either choose a facetime lesson, or video their progress and I will respond with suggestions and guidance.  There is also a small chance I can reschedule.


Students are encouraged to include frequent trips to the piano as part of the rhythm of life. 1 hour a week is the minimum amount of time needed to show any progress.


Adult students are charged by the lesson instead of being required to attend the full 10 month term.  Lesson prices for adults if $25 - 1/2 hour and $50 for 1 hour.  Adults also meet for wine and cheese and share their performance progress regularly.